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Satoshi Kon

Master of Amazing Anime

Genius Satoshi Kon
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Yeah! I was looking up the different communties here on Live Journal and was shocked to find that there were none for Satoshi Kon (at least I didn't see any ^_^U). The only stuff I got when searching...well it was mostly anime fan stuff. That's good and all but I think this man deserves a little more. Something his own.

So yeah. If you like Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, or Paranoia Agent..or maybe a mix of them (OR ALL OF THEM!!!). If ya like this stuff. Love it? Join this community! Please, Mr. Kon wants you to lol.


1. Ok, try to stay on topic. That's not to hard is it? OMG I WENT TO THE MALL TODAY- Yeah. Try and stay on Satoshi Kon related stuffs.

2. Don't be mean/disrespectful. We're all fans here, so try and be polite. Okay?

3. HAVE FUN!!! I shouldn't even have to say it but yeah...

4. Let's see. Use LJ cuts for huge entries or big pics and whatnot. I use dial-up and don't wanna see this page take 5 minutes to download because there's a huge picture of the Perfect Blue poster on the newest post. Please?

If you have questions about this or whatever, just ..well you could always e-mail me. But just write at the bottom of your post something like "is this allowed" if you're thinking it might break a rule.

So that's it! ..I think.

Look it's an affiliate! That's the first Paranoia Agent community..YAY!